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The women in the windows....

Chapel Dedication Day 132

Week 9

As the second half of the semester officially begins there is a race to complete the accessibility of the site. Rather than multi-paragraph novels, the pages are being condensed into quick, concise and brief synopses of all of the topics in order to promote a level of ease for the reader. This task has created

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Week 4 – The Interview

The Education reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed members of the Digital Humanities class on Sunday February 7th. Pictures were taken, questions were asked, and quotes were recorded. The interview was all about the history of the chapel and the different elements the chapel consists of. Besides just the chapel itself, the interview was also

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Trapped in the Chapel

Week 3 -Trapped in the Chapel

  There is a tradition within the digital humanities class which states when there is a snow day, students shall go to the chapel and take pictures. So I decided to grab my camera and pay a visit to the chapel. Along with me were two students who spend a generous amount of time in

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Dignity of Labor

Week 1 & 2 – The Beginning of the End

Beginning an already developed project has been a complicated process to pick up where they left off, along with trying to see what is left to finish before Founders Day on April 17th. Coming from the graphic design side of the Digital Humanities Seminar, Myself, Nina and Charli are evaluating the booklet/pamphlet to make a

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as it will be

Week 14 – Our Final Entry

This fifteen-week semester and our work for the spring has finally come to an end! According to our professors, these projects tend to start off optimistic and descend into a pit of despair by mid-semester. I would like to report there was no pit of despair in sight (though there were quite a few pockets

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Blueprint of the Vatican II changes to the chapel

Week 13- The SHCJ Archives

This week we went to the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus archives and met up with Archive Director Roseanne McDougall and took a tour. Before anything happened we were introduced the relics that are housed in the archives and given a brief lesson on what relics actually are. It was amazing, after the lesson

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Week 11- SEPCHE Honors Conference

On Saturday March 28th, 2015, Marygrace Urmson, Laura Bunyard, and Stephanie Tamburro, presented on different aspects of the chapel project at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education Conference at Immaculata University. Tamburro presented first on her work on the interviews she conducted about different students, professors, and staff’s views about the chapel. Bunyard and

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Digital photography project by Sara Byerley

Week 7 – Social Media Madness

This week marks the launch of our social media campaign. You can find us almost anywhere Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. In the digital age we live in it seems like this should be the easiest part of our project, but if this project has taught me anything it is that what seems easy in

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Week 6- The Board of Trustees Meeting

This week the students continued working on their specific project. They additionally helped construct an outline for a presentation to the Board of Trustees. The presentation will allow Board members and the Provost to see what the students are researching along with their professors. The Presentation will include subjects on the history of the Class

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