Week 1–Spring Semester 2015

The Digital Humanities Seminar course is in its second year at Rosemont College. We’ll be continuing the work of the previous class’s research on the Immaculate Conception Chapel. We hit the ground running from day one, preparing for the January 25th Chapel Event from our first day of class. We had two short weeks to clean up the website, create and edit pages for all the saints, as well as prepare research on our chosen saints.

The Chapel Event, albeit nerve-wracking (nothing like having a group of Holy Child Sisters politely fact-checking you on Cornelia Connelly!) was an exciting success. We had everyone from the Sisters, college alumni, faculty, and even the man whose father made all of the stained-glass windows—easily exceeding our expected fifty attendees. Luckily our team, aided by last year’s members Molly Rowe and Emily Siegel, handled the pressure well. I know I was a bit unclear on the details before this semester, but I’ve had quite the learning experience (read: crash course) in the digital humanities since, with this event serving as the grand introduction.

We’ll be heading into the archives of the Kistler Library this week to continue our research on the Chapel. The website is far from finished, which means we have quite a ways to go. We may not even finish the project this semester, and another team may have to come in later to continue our work just as we’re continuing the work of the Spring 2014 team.

By Emeli Kemmerer with Travis Staples

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