Week 4–Spring 2015

This week marks the fourth week of the digital humanities project, which to our professors seems to have come too fast. Although time tends to always creep up on us, I do not feel as if the fourth week came upon the digital humanities project too quickly at all since the work that the team (not including me) has accomplished certainly exceeds the duration of four weeks. Within this set of time, the project has collaborated on editing the website’s content in preparation for the presentation on the Saints of the Chapel, which was a complete success according to professors and alumni members. Following the event, the project members took to the archives where staff members of the Kistler Library such as Emily Siegel, an archives assistant, were extremely helpful in providing the project with letters, documentation, and other records that covered every perimeter of the chapel. Between excerpts and pictures, students agreed that most of the content needed to become publicized on the site. As a team, the digital humanities members split themselves into groups that have centralized their focus on certain tasks such as researching the archives, digitizing archival work, and creating webpages that cover special dimensions of the chapel. Working in these groups, the team also learned how to use the option of plugins in web design. On Wednesday, the team will split up into groups that will either return to the archives or  stay in the mac lab. As the fourth week of this project comes to an end, I believe that we are generating some positive progress that reflects work well beyond four weeks of time; however, we all can always do better.

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