Week 5–Organization and Project Timelines

This week, we will be in the Mac Lab and organizing our projects to give them more structure. Our project timeline provides an outline of what we will be doing in the next three (3) weeks in order to have a first draft of our projects by the beginning of our Spring Break, which starts the first week of March.

These outlines will provide clear instructions of what to do every week in order to stay on track and provide focus to the students and their research.

My research deals with the stained glass windows in the Immaculate Conception Chapel. My goal is to organize all of the stained glass pages in categories according to their themes and to explore the iconography utilized in the windows. The goal of this is to explore the importance of these particular saints and their impact on the college community. Below is my three week outline.

Week 1: Get the categorical main pages solid descriptions and begin to upload the black and whites and the photos in color (the group photos)
Week 2: Update the photos of each window on each page. Begin to modify and organize the individual saints pages.
Week 3: Continue organization and fact checking.
Outcome after three weeks: Finished first draft of the stained glass pages and categorizations.


We will also be continuing research with Rosemont College Archives! Always lots of fun!

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  1. Jeanne Marie Hatch Reply

    This a most exciting accomplishment by our students under the direction of Professor Moravec and Professor Baker. You have made every SHCJ around today extremely happy and proud. The College Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is very dear to each of us as the scene for receiving the novice’s habit and long white veil. My own reception was in June 1955! Thank you for the work and dedication that has made your achievement possible for many to enjoy. Blessings. Sr. Jeanne Marie, SHCJ

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