Week 6- The Board of Trustees Meeting

This week the students continued working on their specific project. They additionally helped construct an outline for a presentation to the Board of Trustees. The presentation will allow Board members and the Provost to see what the students are researching along with their professors. The Presentation will include subjects on the history of the Class and the key elements they constructed, the Chapel event, the projects the students are working on now, and finally the speeches of the SEPCHE Conference coming up. The students picked to present this material to the Board of Trustees are Laura Bunyard and Travis Staples. In class Wednesday, the two went through a mock presentation in front of the class to help prepare them for the meeting to come.

When the board meeting convened on Friday February 20th, everyone felt confident of the presentation prepared. The Board of Trustees were not only impressed with the presentation, but also very enthusiastic.  They sent with the students their best wishes and their full support of the projects taking place this semester.

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