Week 14 – Our Final Entry

This fifteen-week semester and our work for the spring has finally come to an end! According to our professors, these projects tend to start off optimistic and descend into a pit of despair by mid-semester. I would like to report there was no pit of despair in sight (though there were quite a few pockets of stress between picking projects, preparing for presentations, and prepping for launch) and we have emerged on the other side of this semester proud of our work and happy to be done.

We hit the ground-running with our first major project: the presentation on the windows (which we were told about a week before we returned to campus). I remember sitting in Mac Lab the first day thinking that the odds of surviving this course were not in my favor, but I’m happy to say I’m alive, mostly intact as of our last week of class, and quite pleased with the work I produced. This chapel project has consumed a lot of our semester, between our presentations on the windows, to the Board of Trustees, and at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education Honors Conference (which I presented at, as well, but as a representative for the English Department).

Now the time has come for us to move on from this project. I would like to say this is bittersweet, but considering how much stress went into my particular piece (website formatting is not my forte) I am relieved to be done and proud of my finished product!

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us this semester:

  • Our professors: Maggie Hobson-Baker and Michelle Moravec
  • The Rosemont Archives and Emily Siegel and Allison Sharkey
  • Last Year’s Team
  • The Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus
  • And the Rosemont community as a whole!


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