Week 3 -Trapped in the Chapel



There is a tradition within the digital humanities class which states when there is a snow day, students shall go to the chapel and take pictures. So I decided to grab my camera and pay a visit to the chapel. Along with me were two students who spend a generous amount of time in the chapel basement with Campus Ministry. We walked into the chapel and began to look around. We then proceeded up to the balcony seating, which I had never been. While we were seated in the pews, we admired the stained glass and began to talk about the setting chapels create. Public Safety came into the chapel but did not see us, the officer proceeded downstairs while we stayed quiet. He then left and locked the main door behind him. We were trapped in the chapel and with more than three feet of snow plowed against the basement doors, there was no getting out. We called Public Safety to come open the main door for us. One of the students with me asked us what would we have done in a time before telephones? A simple but deep question had me thinking about the chapels past and history that lives within it.

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