Week 9

As the second half of the semester officially begins there is a race to complete the accessibility of the site. Rather than multi-paragraph novels, the pages are being condensed into quick, concise and brief synopses of all of the topics in order to promote a level of ease for the reader. This task has created a cleavage between the two groups; with the history side editing and consolidating while the technological side is updating the layout to make the pages more visually appealing.

With the weeks towards the end of the year quickly dissolving, the history side has also began working on the SEPCHE Honors Conference project. Our topic, in a broad sense, is to address the significance of the Immaculate Conception Chapel in Rosemont College’s history as well as the impact that each saint was projected to make on the campus. We have began designating what each member of the team is going to discuss for the conference.

Even though we are in the second half of the semester we still have a multitude of work to do but edit-by-edit we will prevail!

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