Saint Gertrude the Great


Web-Ready-St.Gertrude Saint Gertrude the Great was the Abbess of Benedictine monastery at Nivelles and a noted scholar and mystic.

Saint Gertrude, having become too devoted to her secular studies, neglected her spiritual life.

However a vision of the Lord, who appeared to her as a teenage boy, recalled her to her true purpose, and she redirected her intellect towards the sacred. She authored many works for the spiritual edification of her sister Benedictines.

Saint Gertrude appears in the her window with the Sacred Heart of Christ on her breast and the crucifix in her right hand, symbolizing her connection with Christ. The mother bird feeding its young beside her is a metaphor for the spiritual sustenance she provided to women religious.

Cornelia Connelly regarded Saint Gertrude as one of her favorite spiritual guides and the predella depicts students at Mayfield, the English school for girls founded by Cornelia in 1872.